Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Adding Architectural Details To Your Home

There are things that can instantly make a house look more like a home. Want to know what these are? Interior architectural detail is what can make a house look and feel more grand and cozy. The reason why interior architectural detail in homes is loved so much is not only because it creates a beautiful feel, but also make the inhabitants feel positive and full of purpose. With these architectural detail ideas, you can achieve an interestingly established sensibility in your home:

  •   Are you hanging your drapery rod the right way? Hang the drapery rod just below the ceiling line. Hanging it right above the top of the window might make your windows look crowded. Whereas, hanging it just below the ceiling will effectively make the windows and room look grander.

  •   Do you have a room that doesn’t have window casings or crown molding? If yes, always make it a point to make your window casings a priority over crown molding. This is because usually, windows fall in the eye line, which makes them a much more part of your space than your ceiling line.

If you do not prefer to tackle the sawing and other tasks that go into creating these architectural details, you can hire an experienced architect who has experience in the development of single and multi-family residential, resort, commercial, medical, institutional, and spiritual architecture. Get the best architect in Avon, CO that provides professional architecture, planning, & interior design services.